Rossel Chaslie Studio is a Visual Art and 2D-Animation Studio located at Amsterdam Amstel.

The studio is run by Rossel Chaslie [Art Director]. He is assisted by Merci [producer], Imani [Media Design Intern] and Artjom [IT-Developer]. 
The Studio works on 2D-Animation productions, various artworks & commissions and assists in visual development and consulting.

Rossel Chaslie Studio is also a space for learning and knowlegde transfer. The studio has recently opened up for workshop such as Life Drawing and is providing internships to Media & Design students.

photo by Finn Ma'atita
Rossel Chaslie
Visual Artist, 2D-Animator & Art Director

Rossel Chaslie is a visual artist focussing on illustration and 2D animation. 


He practices visual storytelling combined with the right medium, from watercolours, black ink, acrylic paint, gouache, markers and brushes to a diverse range of digital art programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and TVPaint.


Rossel is also the founder of Rossel Chaslie Studio. In February of 2020 he decided to focus his energy & talent on creating a space where he can expand his art skills and further develop his storytelling abilities. He has since opened a Visual Arts and 2D Animation Studio at Amsterdam Amstel, of which he is the in-house Art Director.

Merci Mercedes-Mercedes
Visual Artist & Creative Producer

Merci aka Mercikubik is a multimedia visual artist. Her main elements of expression are painting, collages, photography and video editing.


She is responsible for Studio Management and Studio Productions. 


Visit her website at

Imani Landbrug
Studio Intern & Visual Artist

Imani is currently an intern at Rossel Chaslie Studio and a Media & Visual Design student (Mediavormgeving).


She joined the Team in May of 2021 and is assisting in various productions at the Studio. 

Artjom Cubleac
[Freelance] Web & IT-developer

Artjom is our freelance Web Developer.

The studio’s website, which keeps expanding, is operating smoothly because of Artjom’s long-term involvement and input.


For any inquiries send him a message on linkedin

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