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Life Drawing sessions at  an Amsterdam based  Visual Art &  2D-animation Studio. 
Life Drawing sessions at 
an Amsterdam based 
Visual Art &  2D-animation Studio. 
About this event

Life-drawing is one of the best ways to improve your drawing skills. Drawing the human figure in different poses for 1h30min, as we explore the human anatomy with fun figure drawing exercises.

We offer instructed and uninstructed Life-Drawing sessions. For the beginning artist or the hardcore animator-in-training.
This is the ticket for the uninstructed sessions. The instructor will only direct the model, but will not be available to give instructions or answer questions of the attending artist.

This is the ticket for the instructed sessions. In the instructed classes you will receive directions and follow simple guidelines on improving your gesture drawings, figure drawings, dynamic posing and more!


The instructed sessions will also have more time sensitive exercises in which the artist is challenged,(for example;) to focus on the gesture of the posing in a given time-slot.


The instructor is also available for more detailed questions or for precise tips.

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